Addition Problem

Wind Rush


You ask me to solve for the answer
to the problem of xplus y.
What do you mean the answer?

There is no the answer.
It’s just an illusion of permanence.
By the time I measure y
the x has already changed.

It’s like trying to measure a shadow
cast against a sun lit field
on a day when cumulus puffs float
across a Caspian sky.

Don’t ask me to give you the answer.
when there are millions of answers
and no answer at all,
simultaneously, always.

Don’t ask me to cling to a now that is fleeting;
ask me to embrace the movement.

Image from pixabay 

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2 comments on “Addition Problem

  1. Joan says:

    I reblogged this poem by LuAnne Holder and encourage you to read more of her poems at her blog, Wind Rush.


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