Doesn’t Everyone?

Aroil in Pain

Sometimes I ache.

It’s part of being me.

Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes I fear

that which I can not control.

Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes my pain and fear

drive me to unwise actions.

Doesn’t everyone’s?

Sometimes I regret

the consequences of those acts.

Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes I hope

I can be a better soul.

Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes I pray

for a divine guiding hand.

Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes I love.

Doesn’t everyone?

Doesn’t everyone?

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Guest Post By Kay Davidson

There is an emptiness in this space

That feels strange, unfamiliar.

The strangeness –

Nothing pushing me forward

Nothing pulling me back

No ” I used to be..” / no former identity

No call to be anything else.


I stand ‘here’ – child-like –

In a kind of wonder-land

Taking it in, the freshness of it.


What is here?

What is ‘here’ like?

Where is the ground here?

How am I with ‘here’?

What is not here?


PS: I wonder if I’ll ever know.

It comes and goes..

This strangeness.



After A Lifetime of Productivity

I don’t want to squander

a minute of the time

I have left. 

I want to

watch the sun rise and set,

listen to bird song,

pet my dog, 

sip my wine,

laugh with grandkids.

I don’t want habit or worry

to rob me

of these “unproductive” moments.