Following the disappearing sun,

darkness slowly crept

across the horizon

and was soon joined

by a scattering of stars

and a pale crescent moon

softly wishing us a good night.


Dog Days

Mitch Teemley


Thought for the Week

Lily, a six-year-old Great Dane, had lost both of her eyes due to a rare medical condition. She’d also lost the will to live. Until one day another Great Dane named Maddison came into her life. Maddison began “walking” Lily every day, guiding her with gentle but firm nudges, insisting she keep going. Lily’s depression was soon displaced by an unbreakable bond of friendship with Maddison. Now neither will go anywhere without the other.

You know that thingabout dogs being loyal best friends and all that? Well, it’s true. Maybe they should set up “human obedience schools” to teach us how to givelike Maddison and gratefully receivelikeLily.PawPrint6Happy Dog Days!

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Doesn’t Everyone?

Aroil in Pain

Sometimes I ache.

It’s part of being me.

Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes I fear

that which I can not control.

Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes my pain and fear

drive me to unwise actions.

Doesn’t everyone’s?

Sometimes I regret

the consequences of those acts.

Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes I hope

I can be a better soul.

Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes I pray

for a divine guiding hand.

Doesn’t everyone?

Sometimes I love.

Doesn’t everyone?

Doesn’t everyone?

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