Suddenly it dawns on us.

 We might be  

the intervening

variable we’ve

been looking for.



Unknown Visitor

A long legged bird

came calling today,

one I’d never seen before.

Was it an emergency landing

or just a brief pit stop?



I sit and listen.

My grandkids hold forth

with facts garnered from TikTok.

I experience the simple joy

of connecting without comment.


Murphy Reaches Out

Extending her paw,

she gently touches my arm,

clearly wanting to connect.

“You stay too busy,” she purrs,

“Please put me on your agenda.”


Thank A Squirrel

Thank a squirrel.

The tree you see

may have come to be

because of a nut it buried

and then forgot.



A Vast Emptiness

Hard as it is

to look at his empty bed,

I can’t put it away – not yet.

I know the time will come,

but not now.



To potatoes of thought,

add onions of emotion,

stir in tomatoes of regret

and any leftover beef.

Simmer indefinitely.